The program will have three pre-symposium tutorials, the regular symposium program and a special session on a benchmark problem.

Symposium Program

Sunday – Welcome reception with registration

Monday to Thursday morning there will be a technical program with Plenary speakers and technical sessions. See the Outline page  for the general structure of the days.

Plenary speakers
We have an exciting line-up of plenary speakers and topics:

  • Rolf Isermann, Professor, TU Darmstadt, Germany – Perspectives on Automotive Control – Past, Present, and Future, presentation available in PDF-format
  • Robert Shorten, Professor, University College Dublin, Ireland – Cars and Smarter Cities: New Services, New Applications for Control, presentation available in PDF-format
  • Anna Stefanopoulou, Professor, University of Michigan, USA – Engine Control at the Rugged Edge of High Efficiency, presentation available in PDF-format
  • Lars Nielsen, Professor, Linköping University, Sweden – Some results related to vehicle dynamics, real driving, and autonomy, presentation available in PDF-format
  • Maarten Steinbuch, Professor, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands – The future of cars, robots and humans, presentation available in PDF-format
  • Richard Stobart, Professor, Loughborough University, UK –  The role of the three term controller in engine management, presentation available in PDF-format
  • Giorgio Rizzoni, Professor, Ohio State University, USA – Connected and automated vehicles and advances in powertrain control to achieve improved fuel economy, presentation available in PDF-format

Technical program
The technical program is available at

Social program

  • Monday Dinner 19.30
  • Tuesday Banquet in Norrköping Departure from reception at 18.30
  • Wednesday Dolphin Show Life and Swedish Midsummer party with traditional Swedish food. Walk from reception at 18.15

Pre-symposium Tutorials

To enhance the experience and exchange in the symposium we are planning to give three pre-symposium tutorials. One on a classical topic and two on more recent topics, the planned topics will be.

These will be arranged at Linköping University Campus Valla.
Building B, Ground Floor (Level 2), entrance 27.

Saturday June 18
08:15                   Start Module 1
19:00                   Evening meal

Sunday June 19
08:15                   Start Module 4
17:30                   Bus transport to Kolmården and Welcome reception

Benchmark Problem

In addition to the normal technical program a benchmark problem “Look-Ahead Cruise Control for a Long Haulage Truck on Open Roads” and an associated session will be arranged.
The problem will be the design of a cruise controller for a long haulage truck on open road where the driving mission and road profile is known for a map database. The truck model (engine, gearbox, driveline, and vehicle) will be provided, and the task will be to develop the controller for the engine, gearbox and brakes. The goal is to minimize the fuel consumption for the mission while respecting constraints on total travel time and maximum vehicle speed.

The benchmark solutions and management of the special benchmark track will follow a separate submission timetable. In the preliminary time table the first submission of solutions to the benchmark problem is due in Friday,  January 22, 2016. The complete model is now available by request. To obtain your copy send an e-mail to our Collective Benchmark Address, we selected to distribute it in this way, so that we know who are working on it and so we can inform the interested participants about potential updates or changes.

The submission of solutions for the benchmark problem should be sent to our Collective Benchmark Address, at the latest on Friday,  January 22, 2016.